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We Solve Problems

The Multicom SmartID team is dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions. We take a consultative approach when it comes to designing a solution for your business, whether it's hardware, software or workflow. If there is an identification problem, we can design a solution.

Solutions for:

Critical Infrastructures

IT Security Equipments

Network and Telecom 

Telecom and Enterprise

Asset Tracking Software


  • Fully integrated, WiFi-optimized IoT ID reader

  • mTrack cloud software provides asset visibility and alerts

  • Detect assets equipped with any mtrack chip

  • WiFi connected - no complex wiring needed

  • Uses any standard power outlet

  • From plugged in to reading assets in under 5 minutes

  • Utilizes Standard IoT messaging protocols

  • Host in the cloud or locally

  • Connect up to 4 antennas to one mTrack device

  • WiFi Connected

  • Low Bandwidth

  • Expandable up to 4 Antennas

  • MQTT Ready for IoT Connectivity

  • LED Information: Programmable Flash and Color for Events

  • 2-Way Software Communication

  • Audio Information: Programmable Tone, Beep

  • Adaptive Antenna Tuning

  • Multiple Power Supply Options: USB, 5V, 24V

  • USB Programmable