Warehouse owners have a lot to think about: displaying merchandise, managing employees, preventing theft, and on top of it all, creating a friendly place to store goods. Keep those smiles extra curvy with a store security system from Multicom. Watch over every aspect of your warehouse at once without sacrificing that warm, welcoming atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Warehouse Solution (Package)

SKU: 21354654
  • For warehouse and store owners, effective loss prevention can mean the difference between doing well and squeaking by. Millions of dollars in retail goods are stolen every day around the world. Stay vigilant with iProtect IoT Cameras to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Even when you aren’t around to keep an eye on things, our IoT network-capable recorders let you easily view your security cameras from anywhere in the world. The free mobile apps and computer software are equipped with E-MAP for intuitive monitoring using a floor plan to show the position of each camera!

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