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Multicom is a technology company that specializes in the development and implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for remote monitoring and control in a wide range of applications.

 MulticomIOT's Environmental Impact Monitoring solution.. More Data. More Value.


Environmental Impact Monitoring

All industries that generate an impact on the environment must have continuous monitoring systems that allow them to control their environmental performance.

We offer a comprehensive solution that allows you to control the discharge of effluents into rivers and the emission of gases into the air, in order to carry out responsible management that complies with environmental regulations required by state agencies.

Fulfill all regulations

We design our solution so that it meets all the requirements of the control agencies. Our systems mesh together, sending the corresponding measurements, avoiding fines, complying with regulations and helping you do the right thing for the environment.

Automatic submission of collected information to regulatory organizations


Auditable information

All the information collected is stored in our database for later analysis and auditing.

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Regulatory compliance

We send the information collected to the control agencies to guarantee compliance with current regulations.

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Alarm and notifications

In the event of any failure, we send alerts by mail, SMS, and Whatsapp to the responsible personnel to act immediately.


Data analysis

We have experts in data processing and analysis who will generate recommendations to optimize the operation of your infrastructure.

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Resource Optimization

Plan and optimize the use of your resources based on historical and real-time data on our platform.

Smart Building


More information.
Better decisions.

We present some of the benefits that are achieved through MulticomIOT's Environmental Impact Monitoring solution

What do we measure?

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Reduced Sulfur Compounds (TRS)

Particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10)

Water flow


Effluent temperature

Temperature, humidity, wind direction and

speed, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation

and precipitation.

Tell us your need, we can surely help you

What do we give?


A simple tool to comply with the regulations of the different control bodies.


The information necessary to generate a positive impact on the ecosystem and the environment


Access to historical and real-time information for audits.


Sending alerts and notifications in case parameters out of range are detected.

I want to know in depth and control my environmental impact

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Environment Monitoring 

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Water Management


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