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Office Meeting

Healthy air for schools and offices

air4smart buildings

the energy neutral ventilation solution for meeting rooms- and classrooms

Improved Occupant
Comfort and Health


Connect People
and Technology


Centralized Control
of Energy Use in Buildings


Ecosystem for Energy Saving Operation

Driving Cost-Efficient Workplace . Modeling Energy-Efficient Buildings

Healthy buildings (Improved indoor climate)

Continuous steering of the ventilation systems ensures healthy indoor air quality levels. This minimizes the risk of spreading viral diseases, like COVID-19.

Carbon footprint reduction (Sustainable building)

With energy savings from 10 up to 30% on your HVAC system, your building’s carbon footprint is significantly lowered. For a smart, sustainable future.

ROI as fast as One (1) year -Up to 30% energy savings

Your investment can pay out in as fast as less than a year. Up-front investment and/or as service model available.